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    Red face Delay between 2 same timings problem (Video of explanation of the problem inside)

    Basically I've got 2 graphics classes, one is the override (takes other graphics classes and paints them) and other is just a class that creates graphics
    overrided graphics class: Photo
    Graphics class: myQe

    On the main class there is a thread that repaints the graphics every 1000/60 milliseconds (60 fps).
    Photo class also paints the character at it's x and y coordinates, the coordinates can change when I press the arrow keys (so the character can move)
    That works fine
    But then I draw the myEq RIGHT AFTER the draw character and at the same coordinates as the character.
    But the problem is that it got a little bit of delay between two graphics and it looks like myEq is following the character...

    Check this video that will show you the problem:

    So here is the part of the code of the Photo class that located in paintComponent method
    Java Code:
    	if(direction1 == 1){
    					g.drawImage(standing1,(int) Window.charX-(int)Window.camSmootherX + 72,(int) Window.charY-((int) Window.camSmootherY)-3,-72*direction1,standing1.getHeight(),null);//Paints the main character
    					myeq.renderMe(g);//Paints the myEq (It's a chest equipment graphic)
    				} else {
    					g.drawImage(standing1,(int) Window.charX-(int)Window.camSmootherX,(int) Window.charY-((int) Window.camSmootherY)-3,-72*direction1,standing1.getHeight(),null);//Paints the main character only turn him to the other side
    					myeq.renderMe2(g);//Paints the myEq, same here
    And the myEq class:
    Java Code:
    public void renderMe(Graphics g){
    			g.drawImage(standing1,(int) (Window.charX+ 72)-(int)Window.camSmootherX ,(int) Window.charY-((int) Window.camSmootherY)-3,-72,Photo.standing1.getHeight(),null);//36 default
    		if(localEq2!=0)	{
    			g.drawImage(standing2,(int) (Window.charX+ 72)-(int)Window.camSmootherX ,(int) Window.charY-((int) Window.camSmootherY)-3,-72,Photo.standing1.getHeight(),null);
    	public void renderMe2(Graphics g){
    			g.drawImage(standing1,(int) Window.charX-(int)Window.camSmootherX,(int) Window.charY-((int) Window.camSmootherY)-3,-72*Photo.direction1,standing1.getHeight(),null);
    			g.drawImage(standing2,(int) Window.charX-(int)Window.camSmootherX,(int) Window.charY-((int) Window.camSmootherY)-3,-72*Photo.direction1,standing1.getHeight(),null);
    UPDATE 1:
    The equipment (myEq) is lagging only when I flip it horizontally, when it's the original size and scale it's not lagging.
    Java Code:
    g.drawImage(standing1,(int) (Window.charX+ 72)-(int)Window.camSmootherX ,(int) Window.charY-((int) Window.camSmootherY)-3,-72,Photo.standing1.getHeight(),null);
    the part that there is -72 flips the image horizontally, and the lag comes in..
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    WARNING I am Russian so it's possible that I wont understand you correctly...

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