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    Question Hmmm, scale the window to the screen size? (Not touching resolution.)

    Hello, basically I have jframe and jpanel inside, and on that jpanel I paint components using buffered images and stuff.
    But how can I make it run on full screen but with the same resolution?
    UPDATE: ok so I've made it work on full screen but the resolution is still high, I need to scale the JPanel to the screen's resolution (Just like in normal games you change the resolution in full screen)
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    Default Re: Hmmm, scale the window to the screen size? (Not touching resolution.)

    Considering your posting history, I'd say it would be much easier to just go through the Oracle tutorials instead of asking here and having to wait till somebody gets around to answering.

    For this question: Lesson: Full-Screen Exclusive Mode API (The Java™ Tutorials > Bonus)

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