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    Default Netbeans runs better than compiled file

    Hi everyone, i have an issue with a "game" i'm making...
    The game have a graphical interface builded with canvas, it has 2 threads, and both have something like:

    Java Code:
    long startTime,endTime,Timeslice=40;
       Thread.sleep(Math.max(timeSlice + startTime - endTime, 0));
    My problem is that when i run it in netbeans the average milliseconds the game uses to "render" is 25. But when i build and run the jar file the average time to render is even more than 80...

    So the game runs perfectly with netbeans but the jar runs verry badly.

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    Default Re: Netbeans runs better than compiled file

    Ouch - that looks to be an extremely ugly and inaccurate approach. Since you are using Canvas I suspect you are not using Swing and should be using a java.util.Timer and calling the doStuff() in the actionPerformed() method.

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