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    Default JOSSO login


    My web application uses JOSSO authentication by redirecting user to the josso login page whenever he tries to access any web server component.
    I am using following code in web.xml-



    However for a particular usecase I am sending a session ID of already logged in user to get logged in to same session and do not want to show this JOSSO login page to the user.
    Can anybody help me in bypassing JOSSO?

    Thanks in Advanced!!

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    Default Re: JOSSO login

    Hi ,

    Just gone through your question .
    Found some information on it .
    I hope you are using JOSSO with Apache web server

    Define public resource
    If you want to define public resource (directory) just add
    Require sso-session-or-anonymous
    to directory element. This will bypass josso security check for that resource.
    This is used if you want automatic login for public resource
    or you want to access user information from public resource

    Check the below link for more information
    Setup JOSSO Agent - Apache 2.2 - Atricore


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    Default Re: JOSSO login

    Actually the problem that I face is that I want to run a filter before this JOSSO security constraint.
    Is there a way to bypass it?

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