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    Default Virtual Joypad and/or USB device


    I'd like to create a virtual joypad using Java. I have a good bit of experience capturing input from different USB game controllers, but I'd like to be able to take it a step further. There's a game I'm trying to play (it's called Bastion), but it only supports xbox controllers. I'd like to make a virtual xbox controller that's recognized as a physical USB device, and control it via java. I would listen for an event on my off-brand controller, translate the button press, and generate an event on the virtual xbox controller. Is this possible? Examples would be great, but I'd be more than happy with the name of a library I could use.

    TL;DR: want to create virtual gamepad with java. the virtual gamepad will be recognized as a physical device, and I will generate button press events on it.


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    Default Re: Virtual Joypad and/or USB device

    After quite a bit of searching, I've found a lot of people that have tried to do this, but no substantial results. It seems that the best option if for me to write a kernel module (I intend this to be for Linux). So, for future Googlers, this is the guide I'm following: The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide

    Off I go to learn C!

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