Hi! I have a problem with saving video captured by JMF, it is when it started to save then the file size is very large, for example capture video for one minute the saved file is about to one GB, so is there any way to save the file in small size? if anyone know please reply the thread, thanks in advance!
The method which save the video is below, and also i have tried many file Extensions, all was the same

Java Code:
private Format formats[] = new Format[1];
private FileTypeDescriptor outputType = new FileTypeDescriptor(

private void saveVideo() throws NoProcessorException,
			CannotRealizeException, IOException, NoDataSinkException {
		formats[0] = new VideoFormat(VideoFormat.YUV);

		processor = Manager.createRealizedProcessor(new ProcessorModel(
				videoCapDevLoc, formats, outputType));

		DataSource source = processor.getDataOutput();
		MediaLocator dest = new MediaLocator(fileName + ".avi");
		filewriter = Manager.createDataSink(source, dest);