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    Smile Create Java Enterprise Application with Mobile Client


    I would like to know how I can create a Java Enterprise Application and create a client on mobiles phones.

    'i would like to the different ways I can connect the 2, either using servlets or EJB.

    and is it possible to create a custom server with servlets that listens on a server port and spawn a new client thread.


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    Default Re: Create Java Enterprise Application with Mobile Client

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    - Please be more specific about what you are asking. There are several ways to build a client server based mobile applications.
    see this Summary | Introduction to Mobile Application Architectures | InformIT
    - You will preferably use webservices like Restful to communicate between your mobile client and application server.
    - Your JEE application will most likely already be multithreaded and as long as you don't have unsafe static code on server side, you should be fine.

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