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    Exclamation Java JAR file execution

    Hi everyone,
    I have never actually worked with JAR files. This is my first time, and I am having trouble. After much trouble, I finally modified the manifest so it runs. On command prompt anyway. As in, using java -jar example.jar works perfectly fine, but when I double click it, nothing happens. Help?

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    What operating system and desktop environment are you using? And do other .jar files run when you double click them?

    Generally Windows assumes double click == run the .jar with the javaw.exe executable and sets things up to do that. (Although occasionally people find that they need to set the association - it's been discussed here before.)

    Linux makes no such assumption. Out-of-the-box, my K desktop regards the jar file as an archive (like a zip file) and a double click opens it for editing.

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    And because windows tends to use the javaw version to run on a double click you won't see a console.
    So if it's a console app then you won't see anything.
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