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    Default program ,deposit of an amount of money in a bank

    please i need ur help on this question please any hint

    A customer makes a deposit of an amount of money in a bank, this amount is designed by IniAmount ,
    The bank gives 6% of compound interest, which means that at the end of the year, the new amount is calculated based on FinAmount.
    What you should do:
    You should write a java code; This code should calculate the FinAmount at the end of each year.
    Java Code:
    The output should have this structure:
    IniAmount = 100 $
    Year    FinAmount
    1         amount1
    2         amount2
    .          .
    .          .
    .          .
    10       amount10
    And same output, for IniAmount = 1000$.

    Part b:
    In this part, you take the same problem, but this time, you should write a java code, that calculate the number of years, after what the FinAmount becomes the double of IniAmount.
    The output should be as following:
    Java Code:
    IniAmount        Interest   Number of year
    100                 3%             n
    1000               2%             n
    10000             1.5%          n

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