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    Default glassfish : maximum number of concurrent users

    I search The answer below:

    Users interact with an application through a client, such as a web browser or Java program. Based on the userís actions, the client periodically sends requests to the Enterprise Server. A user is considered active as long as the userís session has neither expired nor been terminated. When estimating the number of concurrent users, include all active users.

    Initially, as the number of users increases, throughput increases correspondingly. However, as the number of concurrent requests increases, server performance begins to saturate, and throughput begins to decline.

    Identify the point at which adding concurrent users reduces the number of requests that can be processed per minute. This point indicates when optimal performance is reached and beyond which throughput start to degrade. Generally, strive to operate the system at optimal throughput as much as possible. You might need to add processing power to handle additional load and increase throughput.

    But just want to know the value,e.g.1,000, or 10,000. so who clarily

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    Default Re: glassfish : maximum number of concurrent users

    But just want to know the value
    So you have to measure the throughput as described there. Seriously, are you asking people here to say - with regard to software they've never seen - that throughput will be maximised at 3,142 concurrent users or whatever?

    In this Oracle document they suggest "using a remote browser emulator (RBE) tool, or web site performance and benchmarking software that simulates expected application activity. Typically, RBE and benchmarking products generate concurrent HTTP requests and then report the response time for a given number of requests per minute. You can then use these figures to calculate server activity".

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