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    Default Doing background task in Swing application

    Hi everyone.

    I have a client/server application in Swing. The clients sends a request via RMI to send an email to the server on another computer. However I want the server method to redirect directly to the client. Otherwise my Swing application will hang for some time.

    I have done this with a SwingWorker thread and the doInBackground method.

    Java Code:
    	    emailThread = new SwingWorker<Boolean, Boolean>() {
    		protected Boolean doInBackground() throws Exception {
    		    while (!this.isCancelled()) {
    			if (emailQueue.size() > 0) {
    			  //  log("Email versturen...");
    			    log("Email verstuurd naar " + emailQueue.get(0).getToAddresses().get(0) + " met als onderwerp " + emailQueue.get(0).getSubject());
    		    return true;
    I have a class variable with a queue of email messages. Everytime I call the method sendEmail, I just add another email to this queue variable. In the doInBackground method I check continuously if there are some emails in the queue and I send them and remove them afterwards from the queueu. You can see that in the above code.

    This works fine. However there is the problem of performance. When I start the server my CPU usage at the server computer goes to 100% and slows everything down.

    When I put however a Thread.sleep method in the while lus, I have the problem when I want to send 100 emails, that there is a time between every email. So that is not what I want.

    How can I fix this?

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    Default Re: Doing background task in Swing application

    Look into how to use wait/notify. For instance, your worker can wait on the queue, which you can notify when an item is added to the queue. Alternatively, look into the BlockingQueue implementations.

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    Default Re: Doing background task in Swing application

    Thank you!

    Works like a charm.

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