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    Default RMI,can't get connect two computers.

    I'm noob in RMI and the material on the Internet is kind of hard to understand because the examples are all on the same computer which is odd, since the main purpose of the RMI is another. I tried to implement the server in a computer, and the client on another computer and follow the codes as below:

    What is wrong ?

    Computer 1 ->Server:
    [Java] package remoto; import java.rmi.Remote; import java.rmi.RemoteException; pu -

    Computer 2-> Client:
    [Java] /*Same interface i have in my server computer.*/ package remoto; import java.r -


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    Default Re: RMI,can't get connect two computers.

    Cross posted on the Oracle forums (currently down for maintenance, but Google shows 3 posts in the thread).

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    Default Re: OkSfBc jX LW dKy WLoy BM

    This old thread seems to attract many spammers; I'm closing it.

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