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    Question Java MP3 library

    Does anybody know any good java mp3 music library. I'm devloping app for mixing music like DJ's and i tried to do it with JMF, but it's too slow. I tried with few other frameworks, but I need framework, that supports:
    • Setting time of music
    • Getting time of music
    • Setting speed and pitch
    • Equalizer
    • Bass analyze
    • BPM detection
    • Play, pause, stop
    • Setting volume and pan

    And it's important that this framework is fast and powerful... and not like JMF -> it's laggy

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    Default Re: Java MP3 library

    :emo: Try beagglebuddy_mp3 with basicplayer. But i can't tell whether it would lag or others. Beagglebuddy has many features that supports frame by frame manipulation, hope it works.

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    Default Re: Java MP3 library

    Have you looked on SourceForge?
    Get in the habit of using standard Java naming conventions!

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