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    Default Log4J - transactions log

    Some guys commented to me the Log4J to solve the subject of log of transactions… Is it good??!! :confused:

    Does somebody know the Log4J API?, I would need some basic documentation to start…

    or some other solution that you used.

    They have commented to me that has different types or levels of error, that it is very useful

    because priority can be given it the most important errors.


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    Default RE: Log4J - transactions log

    Log4j Version 1.2.14 here you are in the API

    Logging package for printing log output to different local and remote destinations

    I am using it, It's good, because it has differents levels of errors:
    TRACE, DEBUG, ERROR, INFO etc. You always log, but depends on the defined level in the file the guy writes you in the log or doesn't

    For example, we use TRACE, DEBUG, ERROR e INFO log levels in the tester environment; but in production just INFO.
    they are differents files, so it´s to implements


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