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    Default custom made up date class with calendar


    Below is the Rentable class where i have some trouble with assigning some fields
    first i need three dates the default date , a return date , and the service date --
    in the code bellow vServiceDate in the constructor has that value - is it possible to create a new field and get that value from like what i did .
    The next is can i assign a calendar to show the default date
    basically i have trouble in how to compare the three fields i need

    thanks for all the help

    Java Code:
    public class RentableCar extends Car implements Rentable
       public Date defaultDate; 
       public Date returnDate;
       public Date newSdate;
         * Constructor for objects of class RentableCar
        public RentableCar(String vCode , String vHomeDepot , String vMake , Date vServiceDate , String newFuel ,
          int newEngineSize , int   Trans , Date newDefaultDate , Date newReturnDate   )
           super(vCode , vHomeDepot , vMake , vServiceDate ,  newFuel ,  newEngineSize ,  Trans);
            defaultDate = newDefaultDate;
            returnDate = newReturnDate;
            newSdate  = vServiceDate;
        public  boolean pickUp(Date d) {
        return true;
          public boolean isRented(){
        if(( returnDate != newSdate ) && (returnDate != defaultDate)) {
        return false;
         else {
          return true;
        public Date getReturnDate(){
        return defaultDate;
       public void dropOff(){
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    Default Re: custom made up date class with calendar

    When comparing Objects, don't use == or !=. Use the .equals() method instead. The == operator tests whether two Objects are the same instance. The .equals() method tests for semantic equality.
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