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    Default event does not occur

    I am designing a leave request form.My logic is While selecting the leave type it goes to another form(eg: if marriage leave is selected it goes to marriage.jsp page).But it does not go to next page.
    Please anyone help to fix the problem.
    My code is below.

    <%@ page import="java.sql.*,databaseconnection.*"%>
    <html xmlns="">
    <script language="JavaScript">
    function validation()
    var a = document.form.ltype.value;
    if(a=="Marriage Leave")
    else if(b=="Special Leave")
    <form name="form" action="empleaveinsert.jsp" method="post">
    <p align="right" height="37" class="paragraping">Type of Leave:
    <select name="leavtype" class="texta1" onblur="return validation()">//this event does not occur
    <option name="select1"><- - - SELECT - - - ></option>
    <option name="Casual Leave">Casual Leave</option>
    <option name="Privilege Leave">Privilege Leave</option>
    <option name="Marriage Leave">Marriage Leave</option>
    <option name="Maternity Leave">Maternity Leave</option>
    <option name="Special Leave">Special Leave</option>

    Connection con=databasecon.getconnection();
    Statement st=con.createStatement();
    String s=(String)session.getAttribute("staffcode");
    String sql="select * from staff where staffcode ='"+s+"'";
    ResultSet rs=st.executeQuery(sql);
    <table width="549">
    <td width="549" height="24" background="/images/img02.jpg"><font color="#FFFFFF" size="4">Applicant</font></td>
    <td height="37" class="paragraping">StaffCode</td>
    <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input name="name" TYPE="text" class="texta1" value="<%out.println(rs.getString("staffcode"));%> "></td>
    <td height="37" class="paragraping">Name</td>
    <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input name="name" TYPE="text" class="texta1" value="<%out.println(rs.getString("name"));%>"></td>
    <td height="37" class="paragraping">Designation</td>
    <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input name="designation" TYPE="text" value=" <%out.println(rs.getString("designation"));%>">
    <td height="37" class="paragraping">Department</td>
    <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input name="department" TYPE="text" value="<%out.println(rs.getString("department"));% >"></td>
    <td height="37" class="paragraping">DOJ</td>
    <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input name="doj" TYPE="text" class="texta1" value="<%out.println(rs.getString("doj"));%>"></td>
    catch(Exception e)

    thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: event does not occur

    Look around the forum FAQs and discover how to post code so that it retains its formatting.

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    Default Re: event does not occur

    This is a Javascript question.
    Yes, you have Java in your JSP (which should be in a servlet), but the question is about your Javascript event.
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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