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    Default How to learn webservices?


    Some years ago I made a Swing application that uses a MySQL database. Now I must change this app to work through Internet.

    I can connect directly to a MySQL server through Internet, but I think that it's insecure, so I'm thinking about using webservices.

    I know I must change lots of code in my current application, and I don't worry about that. But my problem is that I have never used webservices nor server side technologies in Java, and I don't know where to start.

    Do you know any good "webservices for dummies" tutorial? I need authentication (and ACL or similar) and database access.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: How to learn webservices?

    I am not expert in this topic, but I think one of the most popular architecures for developing Distributed Systems and Serveice-Oriented applications is Jini.
    Read its wikipedia:
    Wikipedia: Jini

    Search through google, you can find lots of tutorials about how to use this architecture and how it works. For example, I found this one:
    Getting started with JINI(TM) 2.x

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