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    Default passing dynamically generated values


    i want to pass some dynamically generate values from one jsp to another..

    i've a list box and a button on one jsp.
    first i'll select some values from list box and when i click on button i m displaying a iframe on the dame jsp..

    now as soon as i select the list parameters i want to pass them to iframes jsp..

    then how to pass that values..

    plz help..


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    I'm sorry I can be much help with your question, but I have noticed you posted an updated version of your question in the proper forum(JSP). I want to thank you for eventually finding the correct forum, and remind you that in the future to strive to find the correct forum to post your question and refrain from double posting. You will get better results this way, so thank you. Meanwhile, this thread is being closed and I hope you find your solution in the other forum.
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