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    Default MVC WebApp. Where to start?

    I have been making minimalistic simple web-app's for quite some time now for practice and every time I start to develop a new one I'm a bit uncertain where to start.

    What is your opinion about the most efficient method to develop a small MVC web app when you are developing it alone?

    Let's say that you have to design an app that has for example a GWT front end Spring for DI, HJibernate for maping and Oracle for back end database and you have to get it ready in one month. Would you first develop the GWT side, then mock services and then backend and database part or you would do it the other way around or youd prefer some third way?

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    Default Re: MVC WebApp. Where to start?

    Decide what you want it to do.
    That is your requirements (and a list of technologies is not requirements).
    Then start constructing functional bits. That is something that'll run from front to back as a simple flow (eg a login screen).
    And build from there.

    You'll end up reworking aspects as you go, but there's no methodology in which that doesn't happen, frankly.

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