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Thread: A lwjl query

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    Default A lwjl query

    Hi All,

    I am currently going through lwjgl beginner tutorials.
    In most of the tutorials there is a run method which does following:
    First it calls Display's create method.
    Then it runs a while loop in which it calls update logic and then render method.

    In render method I understand(hopefully correctly) that OpenGL methods are called to do rendering.
    What I see is that every vertex of every object I want to have is handled.
    Does it mean I need to do this basic low level handling for every object in my game/program?Won;t it make render method too big and unmanageable?It just doesn't make sense.

    Please rectify me if my understanding is wrong.


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    Default Re: A lwjl query

    Cross posted
    A lwjgl query - Minecraft Forum

    Any more?

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    Default Re: A lwjl query

    OpenGL is a low-level graphics rendering API. Yes you do need to handle all your objects. But if you approach to problem from and object-oriented point of view, it will make your life much easier.

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