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    Default Can you repaint during the init method of an applet?


    I have an applet which uses images. Sometimes the images take a while to load so instead of the white screen which appears during the init() method I would like to display a progress bar while they are loading. However, I can't get anything to paint until after init() has run. Is this because you simply can't or am I doing something wrong? Should I be creating all my panels and loading my images after the init() method has finished?

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    Default Re: Can you repaint during the init method of an applet?

    Why not simply load the images in a background thread while displaying your progress bar?

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    Default Re: Can you repaint during the init method of an applet?

    An Applet isn't shown until the init() method returns.

    Using a background Thread to load the images is a good idea. Just make sure you update the progress bar on the EDT.
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    Default Re: Can you repaint during the init method of an applet?

    Thank you both for your replies and for the link. It will certainly save me a lot of time knowing that the applet isn't shown until the init() method returns. It does lead me to wonder what I should be putting in it though. At the moment I create and set up all my panels, load images, load sounds and set variable values. If I want to replace the white box with a progress bar couldn't I put everything from my init() method into the start() method and leave init() blank?

    Edit: Panels, load images and load sounds are in my createGUI() method which is called by the init() method.
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    Default Re: Can you repaint during the init method of an applet?

    I've managed to load the images in a worker thread and the progress bar updates. My problem now is that I don't know where I should load all my panels (which use the images and so have to be loaded after them. I guess I should create another method called loadPanels() and keep using the progress bar to track it, in which case I think I should probably call it from the done() method in my image worker class. I don't know if I should create another worker for it though, it doesn't seem right to run it on the EDT. Also, although my progress bar is working, I'm updating it in the worker thread not in the EDT as you specified. I'm really sorry for the confusion, as I'm sure you can tell all of this is new to me, I would really appreciate any help. Here is my code so far.

    Java Code:
    public void init(){
        try {
            javax.swing.SwingUtilities.invokeAndWait(new Runnable() {
                public void run() {
        } catch (Exception e) {
            System.err.println("createGUI didn't successfully complete");
    public void createGUI(){
    //Here I set the values of my variables
    Container con = getContentPane();
     con.setBackground(new Color(153, 153, 204));
      layeredPane = getLayeredPane();//use root pane's layered pane
    JPanel jpanel = new JPanel() {
        public Insets getInsets()
            return new Insets(40, 30, 20, 30);
    jpanel.setLayout(new BoxLayout(jpanel, 1));
    layeredPane.add(jpanel, JLayeredPane.DRAG_LAYER);
    jpanel.setBounds(200, 50, 300, 100);
    Dimension dimension1 = new Dimension(400, 20);
    progressLabel = new JLabel("Loading, please wait...");
    jpanel.add(Box.createRigidArea(new Dimension(1, 20)));
    progressBar = new JProgressBar();
    progressBar.getAccessibleContext().setAccessibleName("Java2D loading progress");
    progressLabel.setText("Loading images");
    SwingWorker worker = new SwingWorker<Image[], Void>() {
        public Image[] doInBackground() {
            final Image[] innerImgs = new Image[names.length];
            for (int i = 0; i < names.length; i++) {
                progressBar.setValue(progressBar.getValue() + 1);
            return innerImgs;
        public void done() {
            //Remove the "Loading images" label.
            try {
                imgs = get();
            } catch (InterruptedException ignore) {}
            catch (java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException e) {
                String why = null;
                Throwable cause = e.getCause();
                if (cause != null) {
                    why = cause.getMessage();
                } else {
                    why = e.getMessage();
                System.err.println("Error retrieving file: " + why);

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