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    Default About 2D virtual world game

    hi there

    i am need to create a 2D virtual world game program

    but i dont have any information about 2D virtual world

    can some one guide me about design pattern and sample code?


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    Default Re: About 2D virtual world game

    Start thinking about what you might do to create your "virtual world".

    Will it scroll?
    If so, what directions?... How might you go about doing that?
    Is your game tiled?
    Are you using a library, an engine(yes there is a difference), or even Java2D?

    Think about what you need to know to make this game and then take on small projects to experiment with ways in which you could implement certain aspects.
    When you know you can do all the things you need, start to build up your game and include all the experimental functionality from your projects.

    Because i know that there is like a 90% chance you don't want to read what i just wrote. Im giving you this link because you will see the word "tutorial" you will decide that tutorials are your only option. But no don't just copy and paste stuff, try to learn whats going on and what you are being shown.
    The Java 2D games tutorial

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