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    Default list files from URL on webserver

    Hi, All

    How to list the files in folder on webserver. HERE i am using the URL PATH AND NOT THE LOCAL DISK PATH

    Thanks& Regards
    Deepali andhare

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    Default Re: list files from URL on webserver

    I'm not sure the expression "the files in folder on webserver" has a well defined meaning. Or if you do mean something specific by it, what that is.

    Filenames and URLs are different sorts of beast. Filenames name actual entities on a disk. Links aside, the hierarchical structure of a file path mirrors the hierarchical structure of the entities on the disk. And it makes sense to ask what the contents of a given folder (given by its path) are.

    URLs also have a hierarchical structure, but it is a structure of the names only. Servers are free to interpret the path however they like. (RFC 3986 "a path segment is considered opaque by the general syntax"). And a URL makes no distinction between a "folder" and a "file".

    Given a url like you might imagine that bar is a folder, but it's not. And you might want to know what other things could replace baz.html and result in a valid return by the server. That's a valid question, but in general a server need not provide you with a way of finding out. If it makes sense, a server may give you something useful if you hit the URL but it need not. And what it gives you will be up to the server.

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    Default Re: list files from URL on webserver

    Don't double post. Your other thread with virtually the same question has been closed.

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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