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    Default Accessing NXT Brick through Java application


    I am trying to access an NXT Brick with Java for a project.

    I will plainly explain the situation;

    An Java-based interface runs and gets a value. This value should be sent to the NXT Brick which also runs a Java-based application (mad in leJOS). The Brick should use this value in his own programme to continue his own programme.

    More specific;

    The project is to make a "bank" and a cash dispenser. The interface is made in Java and communicates with a MySQL server to approve acces, update balance, etc. This works fine. The cash dispenser, made of Lego and connected to an NXT Brick, will have to return the cash. The Brick is coded in Java. The code on the cash dispenser works fine too. Giving a value of "80" will return a card of 50, 20 and 10. The problem is that I have to provide the Brick with the value given in the interface. There should be some connection between the running application and the Brick.

    Bluetooth is not an option since I don't have a Bluetooth adapter on the computer.

    I was thinking to create a Batch-file which can be activated from the interface. The Batch-file could activate the "uploadandrun"-command from the build.xml of the Brick application. This gets me stuck, since I have no clue how to send a value from the interface to the Batch-file, to the Brick.

    Is there anyone clever able to help me out?
    Ideas are welcome too.


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    Default Re: Accessing NXT Brick through Java application

    Does this help?

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    Default Re: Accessing NXT Brick through Java application

    Will try this.
    Consider this thread as answered, I will post again if it fails.


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