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    Default Stack with nodes question

    I recently took a test for my class and got the test back and got this part of the test all wrong

    Java Code:
    public class Stack<E>
           static class SNode<T>
                 T data;
                 SNode<T> next;
                 SNode(T d, SNode<T n>
                     data = d;
                     next = b;
            private SNode<E> top; //pointer to top of stack
            private int size;
            void push(E elt){ /*this needs to be defined */}
    SNode<E> tmp = new SNode<E>(); = top;
    top = tmp; = elt;

    SNode<E> tmp = new SNode<E>();
    top = tmp; = top; = elt;

    top = new SNode<E>(elt,top);

    The question is whether those are the correct body for the push method. Those are the ones I got wrong so if anyone can help id appriciate it.
    If you can give me step by step instructions on what points to what and how that means its a valid push method id appriciate it.

    Oh and the answers are yes, no, and yes.

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    Default Re: Stack with nodes question

    Better yet, why don't you explain, step for step, what you think needs to happen, and then we will help you to correct that.

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