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    Default Capture Website Respinse in java

    I have put some data on existing website and i want to save that response given by the website in variable or any file. Is it possible to do it in java ?
    for eg. i entered user name and password in yahoo login page now yahoo gives the response on other page that u have successfully log in or your log in failed .so now i want to get that response in variable so is it possible to catch that result through java ?

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    Default Re: Capture Website Respinse in java

    If the java program sends the request to the server, the java program can get the response from the server and save that response.
    The problem will be getting the data from the user and inserting it into the request that the java program sends to the server.

    Do you understand how HTTP works? The client PC sends an HTTP GET and the server responds to it.

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