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    Default URGENT : Alert message before session timeout

    How to display a prompt or alert message before the current session times out. For example: If the session timeout is 30 minutes then an alert should be displayed after 20 minutes informing the user that his session is going to expire soon and counting down the time left. If user clicks on the alert then the session time should further increase by 30 minutes.

    Please provide sample code on HTTPSessionListener and the javascript in achieving this. Or any other method. Thank you.

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    Default Re: URGENT : Alert message before session timeout

    I have no idea. But teh internet seems to suggest that you have javascript on the page that pops up a message just before (what it hopes and prays is) the timeout time. The problem is that other things can talk to the server and, thereby, extend the session time. And the page can't ask because *that* would extend the session time.

    You might be interested in this StackOverflow question which considers using comet and a second connection. (Although there are no answers yet.)


    My main reason in posting is to suggest you avoid "urgent" and code requests, as meeting deadlines and supplying code are not what this forum is about.

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