I am currently working on a investigation project about java an IPv6, a big part of it use some motes/sensors called sunSpots. I have developed my application but have some problems.
My project consists on modifying some classed in order to get a better behaviour in some scenarios. I have to use this archives: ipv6lib_common.jar and a lot of CLDC, CDC... In the first archive there are classes about IP, like IP.java, RouteEntry.java, RouteTable.java... that has de code for the basic IPv6 service. I have modified a lot of classes, the first is com.sun.spot.io.j2me.udp.UDPConnection.java; in this class I have write some System.out.println("I am in the method... XXX"); to try to follow how my application works. Then, I have replaced the ipv6lib_common.jar with one (with the same name) where I have replaced the com.sun.spot.io.j2me.udp.UDPConnection.class thinking than, once I have started the app it will use my own version of that class. After reset the netbeans, sunSpotSimulator (Solarium). After that I executed the aplication and my "println's" didnt'n appear! It was like it was executing the old version. After that I have added new method in the UDPConnection.java, and called them in my app, NetBeans doesn't give me any problems (I use this IDE to compile all the clases, including UDPConnection.java) but when I executed the app in the simulator it tells me that the new methods doesn't exists.

That two situations tells me that my asumptions are wrong and my changes dont make what I want... Does anybody know what could I do? Could somebody tell me another tests I could do? I have searching how to know the path of the class that is executing and the moment to try to replace it... but I have found nothing.

I have posted this here because can't acced sunspot forums and I am using classes of j2me.
In case yould need more information tell me and I would post it here.

Thank You.