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    Default create object from a class

    i have 2 class Block and MiniExcel , MiniExcel class is Constructor .

    in MiniExcel Class :
    public MiniExcel(int rowNum,int columnNum) is constructor.

    rowNum and ColumnNum is size of my 2D array.

    i want create an object from MiniExcel Class for using Blocks Of my 2D array in Block Class.

    when i use this:

    MiniExcel object = new MiniExcel();
    it say to me that put your row and column but i want use from rownum and column in my MiniExcel Class not my block Class.
    how can use my 2D array Blocks in Block class?

    Hope Someone understand me!
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    Default Re: create object from a class


    The MiniExcel constructor needs 2 int passed to it, row and columns. Regardless of where you create a MiniExcel object (in the Block class or in some other class) you have to pass those int values. So somewhere in the Block class you need to work out what those values are and pass them to the MiniExcel constructor.

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