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    Default How can you factorise two functions with loop in one ?


    I am working in 1.4 without generics. We dont support 1.5 yet.
    I would to factorise some elements of these 2 functions.
    This first fonction is not complete. I did not add all the lines like this one :
    vEnvoiKoForm.setSomething(((JournalEnvoiKoVO) vJournalEnvoiKo.get(j)).getSomething());

    Java Code:
    public static List ListEnvoiKoVoToListAvisEnvoiKoForm(List vJournalEnvoiKo, List vEnvoiKo) {
    		ArrayList vListEnvoiKoForm = new ArrayList();
    		if (vJournalEnvoiKo != null) {
    			for (int j = 0; j < vJournalEnvoiKo.size(); j++) {
    				JournalEnvoiKOForm vEnvoiKoForm = new JournalEnvoiKOForm();
    				if (((JournalEnvoiKoVO) vJournalEnvoiKo.get(j)).getDateEnvoi() != null)
    					vEnvoiKoForm.setDate(((JournalEnvoiKoVO) vJournalEnvoiKo.get(j)).getDateEnvoi()); //)));
    				vEnvoiKoForm.setDestinataire((((JournalEnvoiKoVO) vJournalEnvoiKo.get(j)).getDestinataires()));
    				vEnvoiKoForm.setNip(((JournalEnvoiKoVO) vJournalEnvoiKo.get(j)).getNip());
    		return vListEnvoiKoForm;

    The other function is similar but with different objects :

    Java Code:
    public static List listEnvoiAvisVoToListEnvoiAvisForm(List vJournalEnvoiAvis) {
    		ArrayList vListEnvoiAvisForm = new ArrayList();
    		if (vJournalEnvoiAvis != null) {
    			for (int j = 0; j < vJournalEnvoiAvis.size(); j++) {
    				EnvoiAvisForm vEnvoiAvisForm = new EnvoiAvisForm();
    				if (((JournalEnvoiAvisVO) vJournalEnvoiAvis.get(j)).getDateEntreeHospit() != null)
    					vEnvoiAvisForm.setDateEntree(ChainesUtil.formateDate(((JournalEnvoiAvisVO) vJournalEnvoiAvis.get(j)).getDateEntreeHospit()));
    				if (((JournalEnvoiAvisVO) vJournalEnvoiAvis.get(j)).getDateEnvoiAvis() != null)
    					vEnvoiAvisForm.setDateEnvoiAvis(ChainesUtil.formateDate(((JournalEnvoiAvisVO) vJournalEnvoiAvis.get(j)).getDateEnvoiAvis()));
    				if (((JournalEnvoiAvisVO) vJournalEnvoiAvis.get(j)).getDateNaissancePatient() != null)
    					vEnvoiAvisForm.setDateNaissance(ChainesUtil.formateDate(((JournalEnvoiAvisVO) vJournalEnvoiAvis.get(j)).getDateNaissancePatient()));
    				if (((JournalEnvoiAvisVO) vJournalEnvoiAvis.get(j)).getDateSortieHospit() != null)
    					vEnvoiAvisForm.setDateSortie(ChainesUtil.formateDate(((JournalEnvoiAvisVO) vJournalEnvoiAvis.get(j)).getDateSortieHospit()));
    				vEnvoiAvisForm.setNda(((JournalEnvoiAvisVO) vJournalEnvoiAvis.get(j)).getNda());
    				vEnvoiAvisForm.setNip(((JournalEnvoiAvisVO) vJournalEnvoiAvis.get(j)).getNip());
    				vEnvoiAvisForm.setLibelleMT(((JournalEnvoiAvisVO) vJournalEnvoiAvis.get(j)).getLibelleMedecin());
    				vEnvoiAvisForm.setNomPatient(((JournalEnvoiAvisVO) vJournalEnvoiAvis.get(j)).getNomPatient());
    				vEnvoiAvisForm.setPrenomPatient(((JournalEnvoiAvisVO) vJournalEnvoiAvis.get(j)).getPrenomPatient());
    				vEnvoiAvisForm.setCodeService(((JournalEnvoiAvisVO) vJournalEnvoiAvis.get(j)).getCodeService());
    		return vListEnvoiAvisForm;

    I think this functions are ugly. There is probably a way to factorise some element and create a superclass from these 2 functions. But i am not sure how to do it yet.

    PS : there is at least 8 other functions similar to these functions in the code. It would be nice to make factorisation with all these functions.

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    Default Re: How can you factorise two functions with loop in one ?

    Sometimes brute force ends up being the most elegant solution. In other words, I think you will end up with a confusing mess if you try to combine those functions. I can't really see what they are doing, but they seem to have only passing similarities.
    The Java Tutorial. Read it.

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