Hey guys,

I've got a weird question I can't seem to figure out. I have a chat/game server that compiles into a JAR and is run simply using the java -jar Server.jar command. It was running on a Windows Server machine for months, without interruption. You could disconnect come back days later and it would work. Now, we've upgraded it to a CentOS linux distribution, in a VPS environment. I issue the command over SSH and the server starts. Background and disown and it stays running even after closing. But after a day or so, it will all of a sudden no longer accept any connections. What I really don't get is I kill the process and issue the command again, no dice. Won't even see an incoming connection. But, if I FTP in and delete the JAR and reupload it, then issue the command on SSH, it will run and connect again.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Java Code:
ss = new ServerSocket(port);
        ss.setPerformancePreferences(0, 1, 2);
	toLog("TPC Games chat server is now listening on port " + ss);
	while (true) {
            Socket s = ss.accept();
            s.setPerformancePreferences(0, 2, 1);
            toLog("New client connection with " + s + ". Wating for username...");
            String un = null;