hi i have a java evaluation course until java that is about binary serch trees....here is some of the words in the assignment... it's not the whole code i found...can somebody help me with the assignment???...it's until sunday midnight

HBT is a new data structure invented for this assignment and it might

not be of any use in real programs.

An HBT is an ordinary binary search tree where all the nodes contain an

extra attribute number of hits. When a node is created the hit count is set

to zero. Every time the node is found with the find(), contains() etc.

methods its hit count is incremented by one.

When an HBT is balanced, all the descendants of a node have lower hit count

than the node itself. On the other hand, it is still a search tree, where all

nodes in the left subtree of node have elements smaller than the element of

the node, and corresponding greater than for the right subtree.

In other words: the root will be the node with the highest hit count. To the

left are the smaller elements and the larger element are to the right. This

rule is applied recursively down both the subtrees.

Implement an HBT and make a proper test of your implementation.

here is some of the code i try to modify

public class BinaryNode


protected Object element;

protected Object left;

protected int BinaryNode;

protected Object right;


* Creates a new tree node with the specified data.


* @param obj the element that will become a part of the new tree node


public BinaryNode(Object obj)


this.element = obj;

this.left = null;

this.right = null;


public BinaryNode (Object obj, int min, int max)


this.element = obj;

this.left = min;

this.right = max;