Hi everyone,

I'm playing with the thought of starting a (small?) project to improve my programming skills regarding different frameworks. The idea is to create an application that let's you manage and evaluate your sports activities based on data from GPS sport watches (e.g. the this one) or smartphones. It should be able to handle different charts, tables, display (Google-)maps and do some calculations. I guess more ideas will arise during development. For details check SportTracks. It does exactly what I want.

Since I have only less than two years of programming experience in JavaSE, I am not sure if that goal is out of my league, yet but it feels feasable to me.
I read several articles about different frameworks the last days and my idea right now is to use GWT for the frontend, Spring to implement the MVC architecture and Hibernate to persist the data in a MySQL database. The data comes as XMLs. For the beginning, I thought of uploading the XMLs manually as files through the frontend and process them on the server via JAXB. For later versions an implentation of different browser plugins to upload the data directly from the device (e.g. this one) would be very nice to have.

Using all these frameworks might be overdimensioned for my intentions but as I said: My goal is to improve my skills with some frameworks I never really worked with. (The application is supposed to be a nice side product )

Looking at the articles I read until now, I assume it should be possible to combine these technologies. Is this a good idea at all? Do you have a better one?
Do you think it is a realistic goal to write such an application as a single person regarding my barely existing experience with any of the frameworks mentioned above?

Do you have any valuable tips for me? Where to start? Is it necessary to draft some kind of design on "paper" before starting the actual coding? Or should I just start coding with a more or less existing design in my mind?

Or will all this simply end in too much frustration?

I am looking forward to any kind of feedback.
Thank you all in advance!