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    Default File fp = new File(filePath);fp.exists() does not yeild proper result

    Below given is the code to check if a file exists.

    I am using "jdk1.5.0_13"

    This code works on Windows but on Linux it fails even when the file exists.
    Please let me know if you have a solution or a work around for this.

    Also ,it is not a slash versus backslash issue.
    I gave the path as /tmp/file.txt on Linux and c:\file.txt on windows.
    On windows i get the correct answer but on linux the
    API returns false even when the file exists.

    boolean DoesTheFileExist(String filePath)
    File fp = new File(filePath);
    return fp.exists();

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    Your segment of code appears correct. Do you have the correct permissions on Linux to decipher whether you have the file or not? Please post your currently functioning code because having others run and test your code will bring your question to a swifter resolution. And remember to use code tags.

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    Default I want to say hi

    My name is Derek and
    I'm glad to join to this forum.

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