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    Default Regular expressions (REGEX)


    I'm trying to make a regular expression for 2 kinds of situation (on with link on the other without):

    Java Code:
    1:  <td class="nfo">microSD, up to 32GB, <a href= target=_blank>buy memory</a></td></tr>
    2:  <td class="nfo">microSD, up to 16GB</td></tr>
    The regular expression that I have is:

    Java Code:
    p_spec = Pattern.compile("<td[\\s]class=\"nfo\">(.+?)(,\\s)(?i)<a([^>]+)>(.+?)</a></td>");
    When the expression is used in the 1st piece of code the result i got (applying p_spec.matcher("")) is: "microSD, up to 32GB".
    When I use the expression in the 2nd piece of code I don't get any result at all.

    How can I change the regular expression in order to get info from the 1st and the 2nd lines?

    Best regards.

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    Default Re: Regular expressions (REGEX)

    Look at this.
    I think you can figure out it yourself.
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