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    Thumbs up Bundling user defined exe into JRE6 folder

    I am facing one problem in my application as following:

    Java classes from my application uses JRE6 files for execution so I have bundled JRE6 folder in my application. An exe from my application loads JVM using function: Loadlibrary(jvm.dll's path). This works fine on XP but on Windows 7 machine an error is being thrown - "Unable to load JVM error."
    What could be the issue? any suggestion?

    This error disappears on Windows 7 machine if I bundle the above exe(exe from my application) with JRE6 folder at the following path:
    It seems that exe is able to find its JVM dependencies at the path - JRE6/bin/MyExe. But would it be JRE6 Copyright and Licensing violation if I bundle my exe with JRE6 and distribute it along with my application.

    NOTE: Exe from my application only loads JVM and does not add/modify/delete any file from JRE6 folder.

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    Default Re: Bundling user defined exe into JRE6 folder

    Did you write this exe yourself? If so you can fix this if not then more than likely whoever wrote it is looking in the Program Files directory and if you are running 64-bit windows it should be looking in the "Program Files (x86)" folder if you have a 32-bit jre installed. This is crucial because the correct location needs to be known and possibly in your path depending on how your code works in order to find the jvm.dll path. The best thing to do is look in the windows registry for the java installation location and most recent version then use this location to find the jvm, if you are doing this in C it's quite a bit of work unfortunately and ties you to Windows.

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