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    Default Interfacing with an ipad

    So, I'm working on developing this fancy little engine for controlling musical loops through a multi-touch interface. We're building our own touch screen, but that won't be ready for about 6 months. In the mean time, I have an ipad as a test platform.

    I'm trying to figure out how to get touch information from the ipad to another computer. I'll be writing my software in java, and I plan on running it in both Windows and OSX. But I need to be able to get touch points from the ipad. It is important to note that I'm NOT trying to make an ipad app, although I may need to make one that just observes touches, and passes them to the desktop. Anyone have any clues on this? I just want my code to be able to real the ipads touch points in real time. But I haven't managed to find any libraries to allow java code to make api calls to the ipad. I've done work with using wii remotes on a pc in java before, but I found some really useful libraries to make that job much easier.

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    What you need will probably be a pain in the you know what. My first guess as to the requirements would be a quick and dirty app (written in Objective-C/C++) to detect what you need and pass that off in some way to another computer (say through a local network). Of course, I believe to deploy the app, you will need to either jailbreak to ipad, or register as a developer with apple (and pay their rediculously priced fee just to develop on their software)

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    Default Re: Interfacing with an ipad

    I'm afraid apple doesn't support Java on their appstore it'd have to be objectiveC. As far as jailbreaking goes, I think there is a simple jjaava compiler for the terMinal. I don't think there are any proper Java applications as of yet.

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