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    Default Elliptic Curve Encryption in Java 7... Is it implemented?

    According to this documentation JAVA 7 supports Elliptic Curve encryption.

    Standard Algorithm Name Documentation

    I've tried

    Java Code:
    Cipher cipher = Cipher.getInstance("ECIES");
    but I get

    Java Code:
    Exception in thread "main" Cannot find any provider supporting ECIES
    	at javax.crypto.Cipher.getInstance(
    I can't see it listed when I run that code either:

    Java Code:
    	private static void debugProviders()  throws Exception {
    		if (log.isDebugEnabled()) {
    			log.debug("**************** JCE PROVIDERS BEGIN ***************");
    			Set<String> set = new TreeSet<String>();
    			Provider[] providers = Security.getProviders();
    			for (Provider p: providers) {
    				//log.debug("Provider class: " + provider);
    				/*Class<?> providerClass = Class.forName(provider);
    				Object o = providerClass.newInstance();*/
    				//Provider p =  (Provider)o;
    				for (Entry<Object, Object> entry: p.entrySet()) {
    					String key = entry.getKey().toString();
    					String value = entry.getValue().toString();
    					if ((key.startsWith("Cipher.")) && (value.indexOf('.') > 0)) {
    						set.add(key.toString().substring(7) + ": " + value.toString());
    			for (String s: set) {
    			//log.debug(" ");
    			log.debug("**************** JCE PROVIDERS end ***************");
    I'm using the Unlimited Strength downloaded from Sun Website. I've generated a key pair using

    keytool -genkeypair -keyalg EC -keysize 160 -keystore test-ie.jks -storepass password -alias ec160 -dname "CN=Yoram Halberstam, OU=Test EC 160, O=COMPANY, L=London, ST=London, C=GB"
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    Apparently all Java provides is standard naming and not the algorithm (see here). Case closed!

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