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    Question Best practices in handling big data streams

    Hello everybody.

    I need to develop a mechanism to receive the content of a big file through the input stream of a Servlet, maybe transform the data, and then sned this to an ending stream (like a file, another URL, ...).

    I know how to read from the servlet stream. But suppose you have to handle thousands of megabytes of data. What would be the best method to handle this data? I can't load all the data, because memory will run out. I think I could store data into a temporary file, and then handle it later, but would it be a good practice? Remember that i'm working with servlets, so there is a Tomcat present, and in my local workspace I do what I want in my filesystem. Not the same about customer's workspace (I'm very limited about filesystem privileges).


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    Depends what you do with the data.
    Is it per-line processing?
    Do you have to be able to go back and forth through the data?

    That defines what you do.

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    RandomAccessFile is perfect for jumping into random* places in a file, and it can handle large file; it is not restricted to integer, but to long, in contrast to streams.
    Remember to not read or write data byte by byte (via files or sockets), it is extremely slow, do it groups about 1 << 16 (2¹⁶) bytes (not that I'm not sure this is optimal for sockets, nor for files, you can test what the optimal size is); for files, you may consider asking to file system what the file's optimal I/O block size is. (I do not know have to do that in pure Java).

    Edit: Also, buffered streams may be usable, I do not know, since, I never actually used them, in all my years…

    *random: not sequential
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