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Thread: need something to capture key stroke

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    Default need something to capture key stroke

    i have to make a key logger and i need to something to capture key stroke will the i tried the Jdialogbox and Jframe by adding the keyListener but it only works when the frame is selected please help
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    works when the frame is selected
    Yes, the selected component is the one to get the key events.
    Do you have key listeners for all the components that can be selected?
    Also look at key binding. That will allow other parts of the program to get key strokes besides the one with focus.
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    If you are trying to make a key logger that captures key strokes in the background, then don't use Java for this purpose (which hopefully isn't a nefarious one). Java is OS agnostic and does not allow easy access to low-level OS calls.
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    yeah, java keyloggers is a failed attempt due to Sun's/Oracles security measures to make sure that the program MUST be selected or highlighted or active in order to have any input done to it. It will not scan for keyboard input and save it to some file that you will, in turn send back to your machine though some easily accessible mailing client or maybe SCP.

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