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    Post Prepare Object Oriented Programming classes/ Methods with provided WSDL file in Java


    I am currently assigned to a Java project, where a webservice has to be consumed.

    I have a WSDL file, and generated the schemas (Service , PortType, Request and response classes ) from it.

    I need to prepare a Client code which involves OOPs concepts in it and a standalone project. All the classes generated from WSDL are invoked and combined in class or classes in Object oriented way.

    Here my question is .. how do i integrate these classes into object oriented way ? As I am new to java no idea about Object Oriented Programming for java classes generated from WSDL ?

    Where I can invoke one method in file to get the data from the Service with the help of Response Object.

    Thanks ,

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    You need to figure out what it is your code is supposed to do.
    Then try and break it down into areas of responsibility, then construct layers (or modules) that cover those areas.
    You would also norrmally do a model representing your data, but I suspect much of that is covered by the WSDL?
    Can't tell.

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