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    Default Clarification On TypeCasting of ArrayList in Java

    Hi All,
    I need a clarification regarding the below code.

    1. ArrayList<Car> myCar = new ArrayList<Car>(); // Car is a java class which extends
    // Vehicle class[/b]
    2. ArrayList<Bus> myBus = new ArrayList<Bus>(); // Bus is a java class which
    //extends Vehicle class
    3. myCar.add(new Car("test"));
    4. ArrayList d = myCar;
    5. myBus = (ArrayList<Bus>)d;

    In line 5., we observe that the ArrayList d is able to be typecasted to another form of ArrayList<Bus>. I am not clear on this as if we consider the below scenario, the typecasting is not possible. Can anybody please suggest me on this..!

    Car myCar = new Car();
    Bus myBus = new Bus();
    Car car1 = (Car)myBus; // It will not compile as it cannot typecast this..!


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    I'm not sure what your question is exactly. Are you asking why the line
    Java Code:
    Car car1 = (Car)myBus;
    Doesn't work? Obviously an array list of busses is not a car. You can't just typecast anything to anything, it should make sense when casting.

    Also, reading up on erasure may help you understand the first part: Type Erasure
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