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    Default Issue with the Hover-Popup Box

    Hi Folks,

    I am implementing coda bubble in my application..


    Employee Information table is consisting of EmpId,EmpName.
    If I hover on the EmpId the bubble should popup and it should display the employee details like his image,firstname,lastname etc.,

    I can get the first employee details in the table as I required.But,when I hover on the other Ids it is not displaying that employee's info rather the first employee info is dispaying.
    Screenshot attached.
    Attachment 1676Attachment 1677

    XML Code:
    Sample Code:
        <td class="employee-report-table-row2" ><a href="EmpView.jsp?id=<%=emp1.getEmpId()%>" onclick="return GB_myShow('EMployee Info', this.href)"><%=emp1.getEmpId()%></a></td>
        <td class="employee-report-table-row2"><%=emp1.getEmpname()%></td>
           for(int i=count;i>0;i--){
            java.util.List results1=ses.createQuery("from Promotionmastertemp where sno='"+count+"'").list();
    	Iterator itr1=results1.iterator();
    	while(itr1.hasNext()) {
    		com.promotion.masters.Promotionmastertemp emp11 = (com.promotion.masters.Promotionmastertemp);
    int num1=emp11.getEmpId();
            <script type="text/javascript">
    dw_Tooltip.defaultProps = {
        wrapFn: dw_Tooltip.wrapImageOverText
    dw_Tooltip.content_vars = {
        L2: {
            img: 'images/dwc-w-btn.gif',
            txt: 'Name:<%=emp11.getEmpname()%> <br> Designation:Hi <br> DOB:20/05/1988 <br> Address:Hyderabad',
    		w: 200
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Issue with the Hover-Popup Box-bubble2.jpg   Issue with the Hover-Popup Box-bubble1.jpg  

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    Is this a java programming question?
    It looks like javascript, not java.

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    Dear moderator.. Popup is related to java script but the functionality inside the popupbox is not javascript.The values should populate from DB in that.So can be treated as java question??

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