I'd be very happy to get some expert advise on high performance computing with Java. *hope*

There are some mathematical packages around, eg, javanumerics, Apache Commons, fortran2java and netlib blas.

So I wonder whether anybody has experience with any of these packages and would like to share it with me.

What it is about:
I want to start being self-employed doing data analysis and I need to have a program which handles high amounts of data (10.000 rows, 1.000 Elements each, double precision floating point values) and does some interesting calculation (wavelet-transformation, calculating crosscorrelations, treating it as LGS and solving it) - plus it should have a nice looking GUI and it's supposed to run on different platforms so I can use it on different computers, show it to the client or sell it in a very distant future version. Anyway, I have a low budget so I will need to write the program myself.

Up to recently I'd have said Java is perfect but for its performance. So I wanted to use Java and include the GNU Scientif Library (GSL) which is written in C to do the calculations. GSL is available on quite a range of platforms. But passing data between C routines and Java is annoying and needs a lot of very carefull programming work to keep the data consistant. The I found these packages on the net.

Are they or ??

I'm lookin forward to your oppinion and experience.