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    Default Event based serial data receiving GUI app

    I am currently working on a GUI app, which receives data from a comm serial port and I am using Rxtx API for this. As the data reception is event based I made a separate class from the GUI class and wrote all the methods and event handlers/listeners into it. The problem is I want a text box in GUI class to display the received messages as they are updated and I cant find a solution how to do it. It may be possible to include the event listener in the GUI class but I want a better approach. Any help will be appreciated. Here's my event listener:
    Java Code:
    public void serialEvent(SerialPortEvent arg0) {
                int data;
                    int len = 0;
                    while ( ( data = > -1 )
                        if ( data == '\n' ) {
                        buffer[len++] = (byte) data;
                    System.out.print(new String(buffer,0,len));
                catch ( IOException e )
    Here in place of System.out.print I want it to be displayed on GUI text area.
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    in place of System.out.print I want it to be displayed on GUI text area.
    Create and display the text area in your GUI.
    Use a text area method to add the text to its display. See setText() and append() for example

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