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    Question About compiling


    I have 4 programs written in Java (they connect to a PostgreSQl database), compiled in Windows 32 bits, all of these programs are running 24/7 on FreeBSD 8 x64. It has come to my attention that after several days these programs stop responding so I have to kill them, after I restart them they work correctly.

    I have a couple questions about this problem:

    ¿Should I compile them in FreeBSD x64 in order to fix the problem?
    or ¿Is the problem happening because the software is badly programed?.

    Thanks in advance.

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    We cannot answer those questions directly...especially whether or not the software is badly programmed (which is a relative statement at best) without code. My advice would be to log the errors/exceptions of the program to determine the precise reason why they are freeze, otherwise its all speculation and may get you nowhere

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    The compilation should not pose a problem.
    I wouldn't start there.
    As doWhile says, you'll need to log everything.

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