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    Default problem with printing a barcode from jsp


    I am facing problem in priniting bar code from a jsp through barcode printer. The barcode sticker size is 4in x 4in. Whenever I call window.print() in jsp its trying to print a size of letter which is wasting three stickers. I want to set the the page size to 4x4 inches. How to do it? Somebody help me.

    My code is:
    <style media="print" type="text/css">
    #printable { display: none; }
    @media print
    body * { visibility: hidden; }
    #PrintDiv * { visibility: visible; }
    #PrintDiv { position: absolute; top: 40px; left: 30px; }
    #non-printable { display: none; }
    #printable { display: block; }
    size: 288px 288px;
    <% String barcodegen = (String)request.getAttribute("barcode");%>

    <div id="PrintDiv" style="visibility:hidden;page-break-after:always;width:10;
    height:10" class="">
    <p >
    <object type="image/svg+xml" data="<%=barcodegen%>&ext=.svg" name="DynamicBarcode" ></object>

    <% if(barcodegen!=null){ %>

    <% }%>
    Help me in setting paper size.


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    This has nothing to do with JSPs and everything to do with javascript and the printing mechanism associated with that.
    You might do better on a javascript forum?

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