In my application, we are using jdk1.4, WAS 7.0, DB2 and type 4 jdbc driver.

We moved our application from one environment to another. After configuring the new environment.
Our application is working fine except in one place.

i.e. when we are trying to download a ODS file, we are getting

R com.ibm.wsspi.webcontainer.ClosedConnectionExcepti on: OutputStream encountered error during write
R at com.ibm.ws.webcontainer.channel.WCCByteBufferOutpu tStream.write(WCCByteBufferOutputStream.java:106)
R at com.ibm.ws.webcontainer.srt.SRTOutputStream.write( SRTOutputStream.java:97)
R at com.ibm.wsspi.webcontainer.util.BufferedServletOut putStream.writeOut(BufferedServletOutputStream.jav a:569)
R at com.ibm.wsspi.webcontainer.util.BufferedServletOut putStream.write(BufferedServletOutputStream.java:3 74)
R at java.io.OutputStream.write(OutputStream.java:69)
R at com.ibm.ontarget.util.ExportODSFormat.download(Exp ortODSFormat.java:142)

In UI, I can see Internal Server Error 500.

Can you please let me know what can be an issue?