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    Default iReports 2.0.2 Default value for missing fields


    I am using iReports V2.0.2 in an ERP called OS from Gus. Gus has created a customized system for using iReports for their reports and has advised us that we cannot upgrade the version of iReports.

    The ERP works by creating a .dat file with fields that start with a carat. So for instance, the SCOM database field, which are notes entered into an order would appear in this .dat file as:

    Notes appear here.

    This .dat file is placed in a folder on the server. The ERP then reads this file and processes it with the iReports API to produce a report.

    My problem is that if the SCOM database field is null, then the ERP does not create the ^SCOM field in the .dat file. So when iReports gets this .dat file, with repeated values turned on, it simply repeats the SCOM field of the last value it had, even if there's no field present. If the repeated values is turned off, and if a record has the same SCOM value as the one before it, it does not display, because it's a repeat of the previous value.

    I've tried putting new Boolean($F{SCOM} != null) in the Print when expression in the field properties with the repeated values turned off (as shown below):

    iReports 2.0.2 Default value for missing fields-ireport-field-property.jpg

    However, that does not solve the problem. Any suggestions?

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