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    Default Run commands in a Java class

    I am trying to run a program by command in a Java class. This program has a specific commands which I would like to execute in a Java program. Running this program in the command line would be as follow:

    [user@mycomputer ~] xx
    xx> draw(1,2)
    [user@mycomputer ~]

    I tried to do the following:

    Java Code:
    Process child = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("xx");  
    int returnCode = child.waitFor();  
    System.out.println("Return code = " + returnCode);  
    child = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("draw(1,2)");  
    returnCode = child.waitFor();  
    System.out.println("Return code = " + returnCode);
    but it gave me the following error: Cannot run program "draw(1,2)": error=2, No such file or directory

    It seems that what this code did is equivalent to the following in the command line:
    [user@mycomputer ~] xx
    [user@mycomputer ~] draw(1,2)

    It is supposed that draw(1,2) is executed under the program xx.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    No idea if this would work, but what if you tried to pass the other commands through the process's output stream obtained via the Process method, getOutputStream(). If you haven't done so, be sure that you read this article: When Runtime Exec Won't

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